Precision Chains Limited is a privately owned company who has been manufacturing quality conveyor chains since 1957. We are a specialist producer supplying a wide variety of replacement and bespoke conveyor chains and sprockets to many industries around the world.

In fact, PT SIL has been the official supplier for this product for almost 15 years. In few years back, our chain could be considered as a leading brand in Indonesia’s market, but unfortunately, in the early 99, the popularity started to fade at the time when the China imported brand entered the market.

In the year of 98, when the crisis strikes and the economic instability hit our country, most companies tend to cut cost of the mill’s expenses which automatically affected our product. Cheaper products turned to be priority and that was the time when the era of China made products emerged.

As the leading company in this field, we stay holding this brand as our product even though we have became secondary choices. In this 2012, we decided to start a new strategy in gaining back our P.C chains fame in the market. A UK quality chain with competitive price against China made with Asia quality, so in choosing our brand, customers will get benefits in both quality and price. With thicker bush and good heat treatment, we believe our chain will last longer that others which proven by 10.000 hours full warranty given by PT. Serumpun Indah Lestari.