By all the hard work, continuous improvement, learning from mistakes, regular training throughout several years, finally, in January 2012, PT. Serumpun Indah Lestari was officially certified for ISO 9001:2008 as the accreditation for the strong determination towards improvement.

This starting year’s fortune could be a good sign for the business as a fresh and an encouraging start for the beginning of the year 2012. The big family members of the company were encourage and grateful of this certification after what they have gone through in the past few years. Starting in the early 2010, the year where every staff and employee in all departments was not only doing their job, but also had to spend more time and effort in learning and adapting into this total new management system. Attending seminars, meeting and trainings have already becoming their routine.

In other hand, by earning this certification, PT. Serumpun Indah Lestari was given a bigger task and responsibility in order to maintain and also improve the quality and good service for its customers. In order to show their strong determination and commitment, by the year of 2012, SIL has increased the capacity of the warehouse and improvement for tools and hardware in terms of production and technical service. Hiring employee, executives and professionals was also part of their move.

ISO 9001:2008 is the international accreditation for the quality assurance in terms of the production, delivery, service, and management structure. Not only that. But the effectiveness in the work force is also taken place. Starting from the well-organized warehouse, clean and safe working environment, until the junk’s recycling are also part of the concern.

As the director claimed, ”it all could not happen without the support of the customers, business partners, and friends.” He believes that in this year, the income will be splendidly raised to certain level beyond the target. As the ISO 9001:2008 certification archived, now SIL has a strong selling point by easily gain trust from customers without any verbal explanation.