In today’s market, as the growth of the business and customer’s demand, some business people started their own firm in doing the similar business like ours. In order to stand strong in the very competitive market, we should make our firm to be special and different like other in so many ways, there are few reasons, why ours have to be the priority.

  1. Experienced proven since 1998PT. SIL was established in the year 98 which made it clear that we have been dominating the market for almost 15 years. We started with very limited sources, but right now, it has turned out to be a big and fast growing company and still considered as the market leader which has proven that we have the experience that you need in terms of product quality, technical backup service, and etc.
  2. Accredited by ISO 9001:2008 for quality assuranceAs an additional in showing and proving our motivation in giving the best to the customers, we believe that the certification explains every parts of our hard work. ISO 9001:2008 focuses on the quality management in terms of production, services, interns and etc. In order to support this certification, news departments were formed, experts were promoted and new employees were hired. Research and development center and quality control department were formed as the duty to research, create new products, improving our locally published product, and maintain the quality of our products.
  3. One stop solution for palm oil mill machineriesAs the eager to grow big and provides the total effectiveness to customers, PT. SIL has everything that the palm oil mill’s need which customers do not have to spend time looking for different vendors or supplier who can only provide 2 or 3 products with limited stock. Proudly say that our product range is wide and able to cover almost 90% of the mill’s requirement, starting from the very beginning reception station till the last station, boiler, turbine, transmission, drive, pumps, sterilizer, sludge separator, fans, valves, pressing, and etc. Thus, consultation service and products training are also part of our service.
  4. The biggest stockiestLarge stock amount with variety stocks is also considered as one of our strength. Replacement spare parts and units are ready in out warehouse anytime which until now, there is no other vendors can be able to compete with us regarding the size and amount of stocks that they can provide. Due to increasing demand from the market, in prediction, in 2013, our target for stock capacity in our warehouse will be twice bigger than it is right now as in showing the dedication and motivation in providing fast and ready stocks to the market demand.
  5. Services is our main selling pointTechnical services are the main point that shows our specialty comparing to others, for PT. SIL, selling is the starting point to show our commitment by being customer’s agent, but the real business is giving the best service in terms of technical and knowledge to our customers. With 15 experienced technicians ready on spot, supportive foreign principals, 2 units of balancing machines, pressing machines which available in workshop, responsive sales and marketing officers, we believe, customer may get all the satisfaction and total effectiveness in doing business with us.